Ask Scott – Episode 8 – Fretless technique, bass vocabulary, live vs practicing, and more…

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Questions During This Episode…

1. Any thoughts about tools for building fretless technique, using a four or five strings bass?

2. Could you elaborate more in your approach to your plucking hand, mainly showing if there are any differences in your technique from playing live to when you practice – for example, do you prefer using a lighter touch with a louder amp in a live situation.

3. You always seem to be jolly! Do you ever get upset or annoyed?!

4. I was wondering, you have created The Academy now, but where did you learn how to play bass? Did you go to a conservatoire? And if so, where?

5. I’m a 13 year old bass player and play for two churches right now. Do you have any tips for young musicians? How do you freely improvise without messing up?

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